Summer -
      Fall 2005

Captains Notes Teddy Lopes

news-captain.jpg (3947 bytes) Well ladies this year so far has gone by fast. I want to thank everyone for all the help that they have given through the year.  Hope most of the membership is enjoying the website. Ingrit has done a wonderful job keeping us informed. I would like everyone when they have a chance to thank her for all her hard work and also my board and committees personally. I also want to thank you as members for your help in trying to make this a better club by participating as much as possible in the Tournaments,Eclectic and Guest days. I am looking forward to next year and hope to see our membership grow. Have fun the rest of the year and may your golf game get better and better.

Your Captain and Friend,Teddy

   Co-Captains Notes  Barbara Hiura

Membership and Attendance
As of September 1st we have 118 Regular members and 27 Associates. I've had a few membership inquiries, and I currently have two applicants, both of whom are trying to qualify. See the list of new regular and associate members that have joined us since the last newsletter.  We've had 34 scheduled play days, 33 where credit was given and four rain-outs.  We have approximately 22 members who are still short of the minimum game requirements with maybe three who have fewer than 5 games. I have not included those who I know are absent due to care giving responsibilities, health and/or physical restrictions. The 2006 regular and associate membership renewals are on the way!

Sunshine      Nancy Fujimoto

Hi Ladies!
At our last general meeting in July, we heard about Jan LaFetra's bad knee injury that occurred while she was walking her dog. A card was sent to her wishing her a speedy recovery. Just recently, she told me that she still has a very long recovery period after her surgery and will have to wear a brace on that knee. She sends thanks all the members who have sent her cards and well wishes. We wish her the very best.  In the month of August I sent out two cards to ladies who had lost a family member. One was sent to Ingrit Sander who lost her mother and had to travel to Germany to take care of matters.

The other card was sent to Betty Ruth Hogue who lost her husband after a very lengthy illness. We would like to express our deepest sympathy to these ladies and their families.   We have not seen Jean Hiraishi recently due to her back problems. We hope that she'll be feeling better soon. It was good to see Anita Miano golfing again after her husband's open heart surgery.  She reports that he is doing very well. Bobbie Hill, also, is back to golfing after her carpal tunnel surgery. Our thoughts go out to Sally Rule and her family for the loss of her son-in-law.  That's about it for now. Thanks to all of you for keeping me informed about the latest happenings--although, sometimes I'm a little late!

Christmas Luncheon News From Gloria Blackwell...

Christmas Luncheon Friday December 2, 2005 (please note change from book)
Place: Michaels at Shoreline this year.
We hear the food is great and we have three entrees to choose from and the prices are reasonable. $15-$20
Please have your money in by Nov 23. Invitations are in the newsletter.
Hope to see you all there; lets have a good turnout!

pwga.jpg (3750 bytes)P.W.G.A. News 
           Gina Gordon & Felicia Angeles
Thanks to all the ladies who participated in the PWGA Playdays this year. 
I believe this is the first year in quite some time that ladies from our club have attended every playday. Awesome!!!!
By the time this newsletter is printed four of us will have played at the PW"T"GA day at Crystal Springs and here are the results:
Nancy Perkins, Dora Moutafian, Felicia Angeles and Gina Gordon.
Closest to the pin - Felicia Angeles
1st in her flight - Nancy Perkins
2nd in her flight - Dora Moutafian
If you were wondering what the "T" was in ''PWTGA Results" meant, it was "terrific"!!!
Actually it was just a typo when the results were listed - but the terrific sounded good and it's true - only terrific ladies belong.
The final playday is being held at Las Lagos and so far six ladies have signed up:
Teddy Lopes, Dora Moutafian, Arline Stepovich, Eveline Konig, Felicia Angeles and Gina Gordon.

Our club qualified for the PWGA Team Play Finals. The qualifying round was held at Coyote Creek and 11 teams participated from the San Jose area. Santa Teresa came in 2nd. The other two finalists teams were from San Francisco, Cypress was 1st and Lincoln Park was 3rd.
Our team: Dora Moutafian/Gina Gordon and Jennifer Post/Betty Freeman - mother/daughter team, how cool is that!!!
As you read this newsletter the finals will have been played. So here's hoping we did well and represented our club with style and grace.
Remember to check out the PWGA Website at WWW.GOLFPWGA.ORG. You will find a ton of information and have a chance to check out rules along with new clothing items that have the PWGA logo.
Happy Golfing to All!!!
Gina & Felicia
PS. Congratulations to our club champion Becky Reese and all the other winners who participated in the club championship.
P.W.G.A. News
Gina Gordon & Felicia Angeles