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For current membership information, please email STWGC Membership Chair, Mary Forster,
at  themonsterkitty@earthlink.net.

The Santa Teresa Women's Golf Club plays every Thursday morning. Various tournaments are held throughout the year. There are two types of membership in the Santa Teresa Women's Golf Club:

Regular Membership:
Regular members must play a minimum of 102 regular play days per year; serve as a starter and a scorer; and attend two general meetings (held quarterly).
Regular Membership offers these benefits:
May obtain a USGA handicap
Automatically a member of PWGA - dues include PWGA membership
With temporary handicap, participates in play days, and may receive sweep payouts
May make Thursday tee times in advance
Eligible for member club rate for Santa Clara County championship tournament

Associate Membership:
No qualifying score or minimum play is required. Associates do not serve as starters and scorer
nor do they attend general
Associate Membership offers the following benefits:
May obtain USGA handicap
Automatically a member of PWGA - dues include PWGA membership
With an established handicap, may participate in PWGA events
Can not play more than 12 times per year at the end of the field on Thursdays
Eligible for club rate for Santa Clara County Championship Tournament.
Has priority on waiting list if membership is full.
May not compete in Major Tournaments
How do I join?
If you are interested in joining download and print the membership application form and contact
the membership chairperson,
 Mary Anne Leach, leachma@hotmail.com. She will contact you and
answer any questions you might have regarding our women’s club. Once she has received your
application she will arrange a date to play an introductory round of golf.

 How do I join? 

If you are interested in joining contact the membership chairperson,  Mary Forster    themonsterkitty@earthlink.net.  She will contact you and answer any questions you might have regarding our women’s club. Once she has received your application she will arrange a date to play an introductory round of golf.

Welcome to the Santa Teresa Women's Golf Club!

New Regular and Associate Member Guidelines

The following are guidelines to help you get started and make your first few weeks playing with us, if not more enjoyable, at least a little easier.  It may seem like a lot of information but I’m sure you will get the hang of it in a short time.  If you have any questions don’t hesitate to stop and ask any one of us old-timers. We are always happy to help.

Signing Up to Play:

Regular Members – may sign up three weeks in advance.  The sign up clip board for tee times is on the table near the starter’s table in the dining area on Thursday play days, both before and after play.  Otherwise, the sign up sheet is with the golf course pro shop and you may call (408)225-2650 for tee times. 
Check your directory for updated changes in start times.

Associate Members
– may sign up or call the pro shop, (408)225-2650 for tee times no more than 10 days in advance of a play day.  Associates need to be aware that regular members have tee-time priority.


Monday through Wednesday in the week of play
. the Pro Shop does not handle cancellations, changes and additions on  for that week's playday!
Monday morning the Pro Shop faxes the sign in sheet to the TPC. At this point all matters relating to the tee times (cancellations, etc..) are handled by the TPC.
Tuesday morning the Preliminary Tee Sheet is emailed to all members. This lists all players and times exactly as they appear on the sign in sheet.
Members who want to cancel or sign up for empty spots contact the TPC through email (preferably) or telephone - Mickie Lico mickielico@mac.com

Wednesday around 4:00pm  the Final Tee Sheet is emailed to the membership.
Players who want to cancel after the final tee sheet is emailed should contact the TPC as soon as possible so she can contact any members who may be on the standby list.
For cancellations on the day of play, call the Pro Shop.

Thursday Playdays:
Attendance –
Check in with the starters who have a list of players according to tee times.  Give them your name and tee time for that day.  The monthly handicap sheet is posted on the wall near the starters desk. 
Check-In Time – You must check in with the starters at least 30 minutes in advance of your scheduled tee-time and no later than 1 hour from the starting tee time. This allows the starters to finish up their work and get themselves ready for playing.  If you are late you may forfeit your tee-time and be moved to the end of the field.
– You have the option of paying a quarter (25 cents) prior to the day’s play which makes you eligible for the chip-in pot which is divided up at the end of the play day.  Sign up sheet is next to the chip-in tin on the starter’s table. If you are not around after play to collect your chip-in winnings an envelope with your name on it will be held at the starter’s table, but for a limited time only. Scorecards – are filled out in order of handicap, lowest to highest with last name first.  The club requires three and sometimes four signed cards which go to different chairpersons for record keeping purposes. 
Once your round is complete please make sure to rectify your scorecard with the others in your foursome and sign all  cards. 
Accuracy is of utmost importance to avoid disqualification for a wrong score. 
Turn in all signed scorecards to the scorers.  Note any chip-ins on the score cards and be sure to circle your name (in red) on the sign up sheet and indicate the hole number where the chip in occurred.
Posting – the posting machine is located in the alcove near the dining area.  You must post your score If you do not know how to adjust and/or post feel free to ask the handicap chair or another member for assistance.

Winnings – Payouts for regular play-day winnings is awarded at the end of the year Christmas Luncheon.  All special events, such as major tournaments and guest days are paid at the end of that day.
Canceling – if you have signed up and must cancel for the day you are required to call the pro-shop and cancel by 7 a.m.  PLEASE call as this makes it easier for the starters and ladies who are waiting to play.

 Guest Days:

Members are allowed to ask up to three guests (if space available) on guest days.  Guest days are Open Play.
Associate members are not allowed to bring a guest, but can play
… but sign up restrictions do apply.

Super-Guest Day – is held once a year and is similar to a regular guest day but is special in that along with the team competition we have a luncheon that follows play and a shot-gun tee time.  Be sure to check your handbook for this special event as we have held it on a day other than Thursday in times past. Sign up for this special event is available a month in advance and will be at the sign in table.  Contact the Special Events coordinator for more information.

Special Tournaments and Activities:

Birdie Board – you may sign up for either/or both net and gross birdie boards at the cost of $5 each.  Birdies board usually runs from January to November and the posting sheet is in the ladies room.  It is your responsibility to post your birdies after each play-day.  Contact the birdie board chair for more information.
Members are allowed to become involved in a variety of other games and tournament play at the cost of $5 per event, usually.  Notices go out a month in advance of each event.  These events include:

Championship Tournament – a two-week tournament held in September. 
note that major tournaments have eligibility requirements so you may contact the Major Tournament Chair for information if you have any questions.
Partner Matchplay Tournament
– a two-week tournament with a partner held in June.
Eclectic Tournaments –
an individual tournament in the Spring and a partner Tournament in the Fall.  Usually runs about 8 to 12 weeks.  Sign ups are a month before each tournament.  Check your handbook for start and end dates and if needed please contact the eclectic chair for an explanation of these tournaments.
Halloween Event – open only to members and held on the last Thursday in October.  The last big event of the year and a fun one with a luncheon following play.  Sign up sheet is available a month in advance.

Team Play – Santa Teresa participates in the Santa Clara County Women’s Golf Association team play tournaments.  Match play rules govern the competition and matches played against other women’s clubs are usually held from April to May.  All members are welcome to sign up for team play and player selection is based on index level and availability to play on any or all of the dates.
Contact the Team Play Coordinator for more information
PWGA Playdays –
there are usually 7 PWGA playdays scheduled each year.  Santa Teresa belongs to the Monterey Bay Area Women’s Golf Association and the playdays are open to other clubs in our area.  A great way to play other golf courses and meet ladies from other PWGA clubs.  Sign up sheets are listed in your handbooks and posted on the STWGC bulletin board.
PWGA Special Events – are listed in your handbook. 

****Santa Teresa Women’s Golf Club Website – stwga
.com Check it out for club information, playday winners, special events, links to other websites such as PWGA and handicap posting sites.  A great way to become informed as to the happenings at Santa Teresa Women’s Golf Club!!!!
 Notices:  All dated information pertaining to STWGC, including monthly handicap sheets, winner of weekly tournaments, PWGA news and sign ups for play days, team play, birdie board, etc., are posted in the ladies restroom.  We also have a club newsletter that goes out three times a year. 

Please note
that we are moving towards becoming a paperless club so if you have a computer check out our secure website ghin.com/eclub/santateresawgc/. It includes our Tournament Calendar, secure Membership list with personal contact information, your GHIN Index and games posted, news items with up coming events and any event changes and printable applications for up coming events"