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  OUT OF BOUNDS (rule 27)
o   All boundary fences and behind #9 (putting green)
o   White OB stakes on the right of # 3, 11, 12,
o   You must replay from the original point – one stroke penalty
o   If you replay from the tee box, you may tee up your ball
o   There is no relief from stakes or fences defining out of bounds
o   The Short Course right of #9 is not out of bounds
         WATER HAZARDS (rule 26)
o   Canal on #11 and #12 fairways
o   (1) You may drop ball behind hazard, keeping the point at which the ball last crossed the hazard directly between the hole and the spot on which the ball is dropped, with no limit as to how far back you may go – one stoke penalty
o   Or (2) Replay from the spot from which original ball was played – one stroke penalty
o   If you replay from the tee box, you may tee up your ball         
        LATERAL HAZARDS (rule 26-1c)
o   Only when there are Red stakes right of #1, 2, 4 and 9.  Otherwise it is not a hazard, and any water there is considered 'casual water'
o   (1) Ball may be played from hazard without grounding club – no penalty
o   Or (2) Drop ball within two club lengths from where ball last entered hazard, no nearer hole – one stroke penalty
o   (3) You may also choose one of the two options for water hazard as above
        IMMOVABLE OBSTRUCTIONS (rule 24-2)
o   All cart paths and rocks defining the cart paths
o   Concrete on #14 and #15;gravel based ditch on #10 and #14; metal pipe left side on #2; worn out wooden drain covers to right near OB stakes on #12
o   Staked trees
o   Steel towers
o   Fairway markers (Yellow– 250 yd, Blue-200 yd, White-150 yd, Red 100 yd)
o   Sprinkler heads
o   If any of the above obstructions interfere with player’s stance or swing, the ball may be dropped within one club length from the nearest point of relief, no near the hole - no penalty

        MOVEABLE OBSTRUCTIONS (rule 24-1)
o   150 yard poles are moveable obstructions
o   You may (1) remove the pole before you make your shot regardless of the distance you are from it
o   If the ball hits the marker, you must play it as it lies
o   Stones in bunkers are moveable obstructions (rule 24-1 applies)
o   Ball striking overhead wires must be replayed
o   Ball striking towers is in play
            GROUND UNDER REPAIR (rule 25)
o   Bark surrounding the large Oak trees on #12 and #18
o   Animal rooted areas
o   All roped off areas
o   Ground that has been seeded due to damage.   Ball may be dropped to nearest point of relief no nearer the hole – no penalty
o   A ball that comes to rest in or on an aeration hole
may be placed at the nearest spot not nearer the hole that avoids the situation.
o   On temporary greens with a regular size cup, a two-putt maximum is in effect.
o   You may try for a one putt should you chose, but if you miss, pick up.  If the cup is oversized you must putt out
         LARGE ROCKS
o   Rocks defining the boundary of the course,  left of green by the road on hole #2 and right of green by the road on hole #3
o   Must play ball as it lies or treat as an unplayable ball
o   When sprinkler heads are within 2 club lengths from the green and within two club lengths from the ball interfere with the line of play
o   Ball may be dropped within one club length from the nearest point of relief, no nearer the hole nor onto the green - no penalty
o   Ball may be cleaned when lifted
         WINTER RULES when posted
o   Mark the ball’s position before you lift, Clean and replace the ball no more than 6 inches and can be moved from rough to fairway, no nearer the hole.   USGA does not make a distinction between rough and fairway.
o   Players may obtain distance information by using devices that measure only distance.  Devices that measure other conditions that might effect play, such as wind-speed, temperature etc, are not allowed regardless to whether these features are used.
o   Upon request information obtained from these devices must be shared with other players
         PUTTs and CHIP INs
o   All putts made on the green are counted as putts.
o   A ‘Chip-In’ is any stroke made from off the green that goes into the hole.
o   If a player’s ball is accidentally moved on the putting green by the player, partner, caddy or equipment; no penalty is incurred. Replace ball as provided in Rules 18-2, 18-3, 20-1

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