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The name of the club shall be "SANTA TERESA WOMEN'S GOLF CLUB".


The purpose of the club is to organize, promote and direct golf tournaments and competitive play as well as to further the best interests of golf.


Membership in this club shall be open to all women golfers who qualify as stated under the existing Standing Rules. The Board of Directors shall have the authority, after a fair hearing, to revoke the membership of any club member whose conduct is considered to be a discredit to the organization.


SECTION 1 — The membership and fiscal year shall begin on the first day of January each year and end on the last day of December for each year.

SECTION 2 — The control and management of this club shall be entrusted to a Board of Directors composed of a Captain, Co-Captain, Secretary, Treasurer, Handicap Chair, Tournament Chair, Handicap Tournament Chair, Championship Tournament Chair,  PWGA Representative, Santa Clara County Representative, Rules Chair, Social Chair, Newsletter Editor, Starters and Scorers Chair, and Member-at-Large. The past Captain shall be retained on the Board in an advisory capacity with no voting privileges.

SECTION 3 — Elections shall be held annually at the fall meeting and elected officers shall take office at the beginning of the membership year. All officers shall be elected for a one (1) year term.

SECTION 4 — A nominating committee shall be appointed by the Captain and chaired by the Member at Large at least six (6) weeks prior to the fall meeting. It shall be the duty of this committee to select names of members for the respective offices to be filled. The committee shall inform the Captain of the slate of candidates at least three (3) weeks in advance of the election. This slate shall be immediately posted on the official bulletin board. Further nominations may be made from the floor at the fall meeting.

SECTION 5 — Any vacancies occurring on the Board of Directors may be filled by an appointment by the Captain subject to the approval of the Board of Directors. The Co-Captain automatically succeeds the Captain in the event of a vacancy of that position and a special election would then determine a new Co-Captain.


CAPTAIN — Shall conduct all meetings, General and Board; appoint all committee chairs; act as an ex-officio member of all committees; co-sign checks, and act in any capacity required to promote and maintain an active and enthusiastic golf club.

CO-CAPTAIN ---- Shall perform duties of the Captain in her absence and shall assist her as needed. Shall act as Membership chair. Shall co-sign checks in the absence of the Captain. Shall keep attendance records. Will inform Treasurer, Handicap Chair, and Tournament Chair of all new members at the time they join.

SECRETARY — Shall record the minutes of all Board and General meetings. Shall conduct routine correspondence and such correspondence as may be directed by the Board of Directors.

TREASURER — Shall be custodian of all funds and shall pay all approved bills and co-sign checks. She shall give a report on the Club's finances at General and Board meetings. Her books will be audited at the end of the year by a committee of (2)  appointed by the Captain.

HANDICAP CHAIR — Shall maintain current handicap of all members according to the USGA Golf Handicap System.

TOURNAMENT CHAIR — Shall be responsible for all weekly and all special weekly tournaments. With the assistance of the Captain, she shall make out a schedule of tournaments for the year which will subsequently be approved by the Board of Directors. May appoint a committee as necessary to help her perform her duties.

HANDICAP/HANDICAP MATCH-PLAY TOURNAMENT CHAIR – Shall be responsible for the Handicap Tournament and provide prizes as needed. May appoint any committee necessary to help her perform her duties.

CHAMPIONSHIP TOURNAMENT – Shall be responsible for the Club Championship Tournament and provide prizes as needed.  Shall check eligibility of members for competition in Championship Tournament.  May appoint any committee necessary to help her perform her duties.

PWGA REPRESENTATIVE — Shall represent STWGC at the area workshop or she shall appoint a substitute in her absence. Shall keep the club informed of all activities and tournaments sponsored by PWGA.

SANTA CLARA COUNTY REPRESENTATIVE — Shall represent STWGC at all Santa Clara County Women's Golf Association meetings and serve as STWGC captain for County Team Play.

RULES CHAIR — Shall serve as chair of the Rules Committee, and appoint two (2) other members to be approved by the Board of Directors. The Rules Committee shall enforce the USGA Rules of Golf and the local rules of the course. All disputes shall be decided by the Rules Committee with the right of appeal to the Board of Directors.

SOCIAL— Shall make arrangements for decorations and luncheons at the Super Guest Day, Halloween Event, Christmas Party and any other social events as directed by the Board of Directors.

NEWSLETTER EDITOR — Shall prepare a newsletter 3 times per year and distribute to all members.

STARTERS AND SCORERS —Shall schedule all regular members for taking on the responsibility of starting once and scoring once during the year, inform members when it is their turn to serve, and maintain updated instructions on the job of starting and scoring the weekly tournaments.

MEMBER-AT-LARGE —Shall represent the general membership at board meetings and serve as chair of the nominating committee


SECTION 1 — There shall be four (4) slated General Meetings each year, one of which is the Christmas Luncheon. The fall meeting is for the election of officers. The Captain with the consent of the Board of Directors may call a special meeting at any time.

SECTION 2 — At any meeting the presence of 30 percent of the regular members in good standing shall constitute a quorum.

SECTION 3 — The Board of Directors shall meet four times a year on the date designated by the Captain. Ten (10) members shall constitute a quorum at a Board Meeting. If a member of the Board of Directors fails to attend (2) consecutive Board meetings, unless excused by the Captain, she shall be considered to have resigned her office.


SECTION 1 — Membership fees shall be paid annually.

SECTION 2 — Upon qualification, new members must pay applicable membership and initiation fees.

SECTION 3 — If any member fails to pay her membership fees within the period set in the Standing Rules, she will automatically become delinquent and will be dropped from membership. If she wishes to rejoin, it will be left to the discretion of the Board of Directors.


SECTION 1 — Standing committees are the following:, Sunshine, Special Tournaments (Super Guest Day, Halloween Event), General Meeting Hostess, Partner Aggregate, Birdie Board, Publicity/Photos, Eclectic, Roster, and Telephone/Email.

SECTION 2 — Standing Committee Chairs shall be appointed by the Captain with the approval of the Board of Directors.

SECTION 3: Additional committees that may be required by the club shall be appointed by the Captain with the approval of the Board of Directors.


These Bylaws may be amended at any regular or special meeting by a 2/3rds vote of the members present. Notice of such proposed amendments shall be posted on the club bulletin board, not less than thirty (30) days prior to the meeting.


These Bylaws shall be interpreted by the Board of Directors, subject to appeal at the membership meeting. All other cases not covered by these Bylaws shall be governed by Roberts Rules of Order.


Adopted: November 20, 1968

Amended: July 6, 1976; March 25, 1982; Oct. 14, 1993; March 12, 1998; Dec. 7, 2001; March 14, 2002; Dec. 2, 2005; June 5, 2008; Sept. 1, 2011