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Captain                 Barbara Hiura
Co-Captains/Membership        Jan Hew and Mary Forster
Secretary                Gloria Nigg
Treasurer                Deanna Griffin
Handicap                Marie LeBlanc
Tournament - Play Days         Marge Condensa, Carol McBride, Maureen Blackmer,
Weekly Parings     Satsuki Matsunami, Kathy Bayless, Helen Meyer, Megan Lovelace
Championship                Mona Signor and LK Wong
Partner Match Play Tourn.         Gina Gordon and Diana Sakamoto
Starters & Scorers             Grace Wada and Gwen Aso
P.W.G.A. Representative         Dora Moutafian
S.C.C. Team Play             Megan Lovelace, Diana Sakamoto, Jewel Leake   
Social                    Arline Stepovich and Mary Wond
Rules                    Sue Treleaven
Newsletter Editor             Joan Takemoto
Member At Large             Connie Smith
Past Captain                 Mary Ann Leach


Birdie Board                 Marie LeBlanc and Mary Forster
Eclectics                Peggy Fischer
eClubhouse                 Dora Moutafian
Chair General Meeting Hostess     Terri Parnello
Historian/Archive             Renee Perry
Chair Home & Home        Diane Tibbetts
Publicity & Photos             Joan Takemoto and Jan LaFetra
Roster                    Jan LaFetra
Special Tournament Sunshine    Felicia Angeles
Webmaster                 Ingrit Sander